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End of April report...Lake Ontario

The bite has been outstanding for lake trout the last two weeks. Our catches have been averaging 50 a day with a few salmon bites coming in the last few days. If you want to go "catching" instead of fishing NOW is the time. The salmon bite will improve as we get into May. Let's GET THE NET WET. 716-550-0413

Lake Ontario trolling report...
April 19th

It's been a long time coming. I ran my first lake trip today and Lady O didn't disappoint us. Herman was by himself and he had his hands full with Lakers all day. They were hitting as fast as I could get the lines in! We even had two on the same rod. We quit when we landed No. 50! Spring is here and bite is on. Let's GET THE NET WET...(716) 550-0413

March 2016

I put a few trips on the new boat last weekend.
It just wouldn't be right if it wasn't christened properly so we took it to the bar on its first trip. The first 6 fish to hit the deck were Lake Trout. I couldn't think of a better way to christened it than with some laker slime! Then we worked our way back up river and picked away at some brown trout, steelhead and a few more Lakers.

January 8th & 9th

The wind was in our favor today on the Niagara bar. What an awesome day. We had steady action all day. Still can't believe it's January!!

Yesterday, we had a good day on the bar till we got blown off the lake. So we went up the river and crushed 'em. Congrats to Rob on his 20lb Niagara River Laker!It doesn't get much better. Call or text to take advantage of this great fishing. 716-550-0413

January 7th

First trip for 2016 went well. We had a good mix of fish today. Browns and lakers on the bar and steelhead in the river. Btw...the bite on the bar right now is about as good as it can get!! My guys even let me catch a few. We landed 22 lakers, 4 steelhead and 3 browns. It's time to GET THE NET WET!

Lower Niagara River Steelhead Report

The fishing has been unbelievable on the lower Niagara River. The weather in November and December has been mild compared to what we are used to... beautiful and warm days to chase Lake Trout and Steelhead. The water temperature is 47 degrees right now on the lower Niagara. I don't see any ice in our near future on the river. The fishing in January is going to be outstanding! If you ever wanted to fish the Niagara in the winter for Steelhead this is the time to do it.

Take advantage of the warm water and the mild air temperature and LETS GET THE NET WET. I still have open days in December also. Call or text for availability...716-550-0413


The trout fishing on the Niagara is picking up. These pictures are from earlier this week. Since then we have had some hard wind and rain. This weather should have brought a fresh push of fish into the river. The river is starting to clear up now and the bite will keep improving every day. November and December are great months to catch a variety of trout on the lower Niagara River. Let's get the net wet! Call or text for availability... 716-550-0413

September 3rd
Niagara bar is the place to be!

The kings are really starting to stack up thick. The bite is getting better every day. I had happy customers on both trips today. We had a good class of kings this evening. Our first 3 fish were 22,26 & 21lbs. If you want to get in on some lake action now is the time! Wet Net Charters (716) 550-0413

September 1st - Lake Ontario Salmon

The kings were really snapping today on Lake Ontario. Dave brought his daughter and her boyfriend this time, to see what staging kings are all about. They were treated with a day they won't soon forget. The bite is getting better every day. All fish were caught on A-Tom-Mik trolling flies and P-Line. There is still time to get in on the best King Salmon bite of the season!Wet Net Charters (716) 550-0413 Call or text for availability.

August 9th-14th

It's been a really busy week. Here are some of the fish we caught this week. The kings are starting to stage and they are moving in closer every day.

July 23rd

Big wind and big waves kept us off the lake this morning but Mike and Will were determined to catch some kings today. We postponed our morning trip till noon. These guys hung in there and were treated with some nice fish.

Silver Streak Lures & A-TOM-MIK flies were what they wanted tonight. I have a few day open in August. The biggest kings of the season are starting to show up. Don't miss your chance at a trophy!

Happy 4th of July!

Great day on the water this morning. Partly sunny with a little chop on the water and it was just what the fish wanted. We had our limit and were releasing fish by 8 am. We kept one spot in our limit open for a mature king. At 10:30 the 45 rigger took off screaming and it was on. We landed him and quit early so everyone could enjoy the holiday. The bite has been getting better every day. LET'S GET THE NET WET. Call or text for availability. 716-550-0413.

July 3rd

Had two good trips on lake Ontario yestetday with Ron Roman and his family in the morning and Dr. Sara, Donna & Carol in the afternoon. There were some periods of inactivity but when the bite was on it was ON! No big kings but plenty of steelhead, coho & Lakers.

July 2nd
Lake Ontario Salmon fishing

It feels good to be back on the big lake. Got a few more kings today. This father daughter team cranked in some nice fish today. We had a better king bite today and the steelhead were huge today. One of the best bites of the summer is coming up...don't miss your chance to get the net wet!

June 30th

Tuesday was my first lake Ontario trolling trip since the end of May. The June swoon is over and the trout and salmon are ready to eat. Had a great day with Charlotte and her son, Conner. He didn't let the rain get in the way of filling the cooler.

May 15th - 20th

The fishing just doesn't get any better than it is right now. The bite is on fire everywhere. Lake Ontario for king salmon, Lake Erie for smallmouth bass and the Lower Niagara river for steelhead. Here are some pictures from the last few days. I've been moving around a lot and having great days. The walleye are starting to bite on lake Erie as well. LETS GET THE NET WET....call or text for info. 716-550-0413.

May 15th...Lake Ontario salmon fishing!

Jason was back for his annual Spring salmon trip on the bar. He likes to fish by himself so he can catch all the fish! He got his moneys worth with this time! We had our 2 person limit by 8:45. We caught a released fish steady for the next 4 1/2 hours. Final count was 25 fish landed and 30+ bites. 1 laker, 3 steelhead and the rest were kings. Some days it's work and some days it's just fishing...I love my job! Big thanks to Chip at wolverine lures(silver streak) for hooking me up with the hottest spoon on the lake!

April 26th

What an awesome day yesterday with some good customers. No wind...Lots of Sun...and plenty of fish! The lake trout gave us non stop action all day. We also had a nice surprise visit from a KING salmon. My first king of the season! Big thanks to Silver Streak Lures, Yakima Bait Company and P-Linefor all of the action. All of our fish came on Silver streak spoons & Yakima Mag Lip 3.5.

April 16th - 24th

The fishing has been really good in Lake Ontario and on the Niagara River. Here are a few highlights from the last 9 days. Steelhead from the river and Lake Trout from the lake. I only have a few open days left in May. So if you want to do some spring fishing don't wait to call. The king salmon are starting to show up along the shoreline...it won't be long before we switch over to all king salmon trips.

April 2nd

It's time to start thinking about open water trolling. Browns and Lakers first...then Coho and KINGS won't be far behind.

Went out trolling for a few hours this afternoon to try out the new downriggers. They worked great... and the Lake trout gave their approval. We caught 8 Lakers in about 45 minutes once we found them. They were all really skinny. The long winter and lack of food has taken its toll on the fish. Finished of the day with a little brown trout fishing. New boat is working great and the fish are looking for spring. Once the water warms up a bit and bait starts showing up...look out!
Let's GET THE NET WET...text me for more info. 716-550-0413!

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The Lower Niagara is one of the best trout fisheries in the world. Lake Ontario offers the finest fresh water King Salmon fishing available. Lake Erie provides Smallmouth Bass fishing second to none.

WET NET guide service offers twelve months of trophy fishing for a variety of warm and cold water fish. Targeted species are: Rainbow Trout (Steelhead), King Salmon, Lake Trout, Brown Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye. Perch and Coho Salmon.

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